What is a seven fold tie

A seven fold tie, since its creation, has been considered a symbol of luxury lifestyle. Unlike a common three fold tie, it encompasses one meter of fabric, which is asymmetrically folded seven time onto itself, making use of interlining unnecessary.

1930s economic crises, provoked by a crash of US stock market, affected significantly a lifestyle of men and women all over the world. Consequently,  it caused a decrease of consume of luxury goods. Seven fold tie wasn´t an exception. Due to large amount of silk, needed to make a tie, it production cost was really high. Three fold tie appeared on the market as more practical and economic solution, using almost twice less fabric then seven fold tie.


Seven fold tie sewing pattern

Passing through tough economic and political crises, the existence of seven fold tie was noticed during 1980s due to luxury market growth, following a dress for success trend. 3

Nowadays there are few tailors over the world, who produce classic true seven fold tie. Most of them are located in Italy. SVM brand make its seven fold tie combining main rules of Italian tailoring and Brazilian creative and colorful spirit.

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