During last 5 years I’ve been part of many diverse design projects, such as collection development, textile design for companies’ brand identity, costume design and styling, and among all the work process, there is always one step I love most – researching. Researching for inspiration, for materials and colours.
I fall in love with the process of looking for information and answers when I was a child after watching Titanic feature film. When I found out it was based on a real story I spent days in library looking for documents, descriptions and facts.
I significantly developed my researching skill during graduation in International Relations, and especially taking “Political Forecasting and Researching” course.
While studying Fashion Design I took Trend Forecasting short course, which demonstrated to me how complex and exciting Fashion field is.

What makes my researching technic unique:

Foreign Languages

Knowledge of 5 languages gives me privileged access to research materials.


Degrees in such different field as Fashion Design and International Relations helps me understand Fashion as a part of Global context.

Digital Tools

Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign makes it possible for me to present my research in visual and understandable way.

International Work Experience

After living and working in such countries as Russia, Brazil, Italy and UK, it is easier to understand global Fashion trends and consumer behavior.

Research Projects: