Costume: Hand made gown for a 11 years old performer.

Use: “Linguagens Graficas” exhibition, dedicated to collaboration between Costume Design and Fine Arts (26.09.2014 – 10.10.2014, UNISUL Hall, Florianopolis). | Alice character for Alice in Wonderland junior theater group performance (03. 2015, Coqueiros Park, Florianopolis)

My work has included: Research + Costume and Textile Design + Selection and Purchase of Materials + Pattern Making + Sewing.

This costume design project started as a part of interdisciplinary student work, aiming to show the collaboration between Design and Art at the “Linguagens Graficas”exhibition.

At my point of view, textile design is field that unites two areas  – design and art. That is why I started this project from creating textiles, using digital and hand painting techniques. I created a range of digital prints in shades of gray, as a symbol of practical side of design and hand painted white fabric in shade of yellow, as a demonstration of creativity.

While sketching the gown, I was contacted by a local junior theater group, asking for a costume for a local production of Alice in Wonderland, performed by junior theater group. I was explained that it was a resumed version of a play and that the performance would take place in Coqueiros park in the middle of trees and flowers.

Considering the modern approach and improvisational stage, I design an asymmetrical gown, creating a new image of Alice, still girly, but also timeless and dreamlike.