The Hour of Dawn

Costume: Semi-transparent medium skirt and a leotard.

Use: “The Hour of Dawn” choreography, dances by Cazu dance crew at Santa Catarina Dance Festival (30.09.2016, Ademir Rosa Theater, Florianopolis)

My work has included: Research + Design + Selection of Materials + Assistance during fittings and backstage.

Budget: 20,00 $ per person

As a costume designer for this project, I was requested to create 6 costumes for an amateur dance crew, within 20,00$  budget per person.

As amateur dancers, the crew spends more time training, then performing, so it was very important for them to have versatile and comfortable costumes they can use after performance.

Heart shaped neckline gave a leotard romantic touch and grey-purple color on the dark stage with soft lightning reminded colors of dawn.