Svetlana’s Bears

Product made: Handmade textile Teddy bears.

Project goal: Reuse of fabric scraps and reduce textile waste.

Marketplace: Design and craft fairs in Santa Catarina and Parana states + online shop

My work has included: Product Design + Selection and Purchase of Materials + Pattern Making + Sewing.

Svetlana’s Bears (Ursinhos da Svetlana in Portuguese), was one year project in Brazil, that was created with a goal to reduce textile waste in a way that can bring joy to people.

Working as a self-employed designer and maker, I have realized how much textile waste is constantly generated. After conducting a product research, I decided to reuse fabric scraps to recreate classic Teddy bears, mixing styles and colors.

All bears are handmade, articulated and are available in 3 different sizes. The use of fabric scraps allows to make each bear unique.

The fist sale was made one day after launching a product. Due to bears’ success, during summer season in Brazil, I have participated in more the 10 design and craft fairs, like Espaço Coisa e Tal in Curitiba and Bazar Coletivo in Florianopolis and made partnership with 2 stores to resell the product.