Pink October

Techniques: Adobe Illustrator + Adobe Photoshop

Use: During Pink October campaigns and as a product line for online shop.

Marketplace: Amucc online shop

Client: Amucc (Brazilian Cancer Association)

My work has included: Design + Final Artwork + Printing control + Sewing

Budget: 5,00 $ per product

Pink October (Outubro Rosa in Portuguese) is an international movement, organized by NGOs and cancer institutes around the world to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention and cure.
In Florianopolis, Brazil, every year during October, local NGO Amucc organizes events, workshops and charity campaigns, educating population about breast cancer, providing free consultations and facilitating treatments.

In 2016 Amucc board of directors contacted me to create a solution to strengthen the brand image, attracting new sponsors and also raise money during the year, besides the month of October. My solution was to transform a logo into an abstract, feminine textile print, that reminds about the cause and NGO, but also can be printed on a stylish accessory, which women would wear all year around.

After a textile design was approved, it was printed on chiffon and then cut into scarves. For 2016 campaign, I produced 150 scarves, that were sold in Pink October pop up stores in Floripa Shopping and Public Market.

Currently scarves are being sold online and during events, organized by Amucc and its partners. Due to success of this textile design, it is also being discussed to expand the range of products for 2018 campaign.