Technique: Photography + Adobe Photoshop

Use: Casual wear and accessories

Marketplace: SVM online shop

My work has included: Trend research + Textile design + Final Artwork + Printing control + Product making

Textile design collection, inspired by the beauty of Dubai and created from original photos of the city taken during my trip in 2016.

To create a collection I chose three photos, that on my point of view reflect the most the essence of Dubai:

  • The photo of Burj Kalifa shows the modern side of the city, representing all breathtaking extravagant skyscrapers.
  • The photo of the beach represents the natural beauty, adored by tourists.
  • The photo of traditional houses demonstrates the historical heritage of Dubai.

After I finalized the artwork, choosing the correct printing form and size, I produced the fabric with one of the printing studios in San Paulo.

I used the fabric to produce the line of accessories and clothes, including neckties, scarves, pocket squares, waistcoats and skirts.

The collection was presented during Unisul Fashion Show in 2016.