Costume: three female modern costumes with retro touch.

Use: Open air theater performance, produced by UDESC students ( 2015, Florianopolis)

My work has included: Research + Design + Technical Drawing

Costume design project for student theater performance, dedicated to Brazilian music and culture. I was asked to create three costumes for performance on open aired stage, one for each actress, inspired by Brazilian singer Cauby.

Cauby Peixoto was one of the most extravagant singers in Brazil, famous not only with his music, but also with unique style and creative haircuts. As source of inspiration I chose a portrait of Cauby, painted by Santa Catarina artist Ghiza Rocha, that captures the essence of the singer.

Each costume combines colors and textures of the painting with fashion trends of three most remarkable decades in Cauby’s life:

  1. 1930-1940 – decade when he was born.
  2. 1950-1960 – the peak of fame.
  3. 1990-2010 – decline of career.

After design was approved by performers, I delivered final illustrations and technical drawing to facilitate further stages of costume making process.