A Moreninha

Costume: XIX century realistic Brazilian gown.

Use: Dona Joaquina character for Historical Immersion Event (11. 2015, Historical Society of Destherro, Florianopolis) | “Entre Tramas e Sentidos” exhibition, dedicated to historical costume design (09. 2016, Continent Park Shopping, Florianopolis).

My work has included: Research + Design + Selection and Purchase of Materials + Pattern Making + Sewing.

Budget: 37,00 $

In order to create a historically accurate gown, before sketching, I conducted full research about first half of XIX century, analyzing not just fashion trends but also etiquette, interior design and main cultural events of the epoch. Researching in French, Portuguese and Russian languages, I compared 1820 – 1850 European fashion to Brazilian, making costume more accurate and suitable for Rio de Janeiro reality. The research bible consists of more then 80 pages, including dress patterns, textile samples, color pallet, chronology of historical events in Brazil and in Europe.

Working in a team of 6 each of us was responsible for a costume design and making of one character. My costume was made for a Dona Joaquina, young supporting female character. The story takes place on small island near Rio de Janeiro in 1840s. Respecting the budget of 150,00 R$ (± 37,00 $), I decided to create a light cream colored gown, suitable for tropical summer. I chose the 1820s gown pattern with a straight waist line, based on delay between French fashion trend and Brazilian market. The “princess” neckline and floral textile print reflect Dona Joaquina’s romantic personality, without distracting audience’s attention from the female lead character – Dona Carolina (a Moreninha).

Costume making process from pattern development to final touches.

After the immersion event, the gown was selected to join “Tramas e Sentidos” exhibition, promoting knowledge about Fashion History. The exhibition called attention of local TV channels and blogs, like Ric TV, Sbt TV, and I was invited to give an interview about costume design profession in Santa Catarina state.