Remarkable people always make a deep and lasting impression by the way they talk, behave and dress. A well chosen necktie,  can easily transform the outfit from random to unique and memorable, helping you to be the center of attenion. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself a remarkable person, remember, he lives inside of you. So let that person be seen by the world. Let yourself be creative, and a stylish necktie will help you to make a statement. 


Seven-fold tie is an accessory that has always been a part of luxury world. Different from usual 3 fold tie, it encompasses one meter of fabric, which is asymmetrically folded seven time onto itself.

Svetlana Morbini has recently launched a new version of this classic accessory, making it more appropriate for a diverse modern world. Svetlana Morbini’s seven fold ties are made of 100% Brazilian colorful woven cotton, respecting basic rules of tailoring art.

Each 7-fold necktie is hand-folded. A slip stitch is hand sewn down the length of the blade to ensure your tie can move and recover after each wearing.

What makes Svetlana Morbini’s seven-fold ties special


Svetlana Morbini has developed special seven fold tie sewing patterns, thinking of ergonomics and functionality. Ties are 150 cm long and are available in slim 6 cm model and classic 9 cm, what makes it possible to wear for a people of all body types.


Sevtlana Morbini’s seven fold ties are cut one by one, making sure it maintains a perfect 45 degrees bias cut, which influences on how the tie lies and its resistance to wrinkle. Different from other brands, ties from Oasis collection are untipped and hand rolled, which makes a tie lighter. To make sure a tie will last longer, it is hand stitched with double resistant line.


In order to create a unique and trendy accessory, was selected 100% woven cotton made in Brazil, that offers a wide variety of colors, turning a tie into a statement. Besides, this cotton is easy to store and use. It doesn’t wrinkle as much and is suitable for winter and summer.


Seven fold ties from Oasis collection are hand made, and there are only few items available of each model, making sure that our clients feel unique, emphasizing his\ her own style.

Collection “Oasis”

“It’s good to see that such a classic accessory as a necktie still can be renovated.” – L’Officiel Homme Brasil.

About Svetlana Morbini

Fashion designer who finds her inspiration in nature’s bright colors and organic lines, but also loves urban cities with its movement and organization. This combination makes contrasts always be present in her designs.

Born in Siberia, Russia, Svetlana Morbini has always been interested in foreign cultures, constantly observing its characteristics and differences and using it as a foundation to create something unique.

During graduation in Fashion Design in Brazil, she focused on fashion history and costume design studies, exploring an evolution of men’s fashion and its influence on women’s fashion, which boosted an establishment of her own brand.

The main goal of Svetlana Morbini’s product line is to dress people with remarkable personality, who aren’t afraid to be different and enjoy being the center of attention. Her accessorizes offer creative and functional way to transform a basic white-collar outfit to unique and interesting. Supporting the idea of slow fashion, all designs are made in a small amount, maintaining high quality and strict production control.

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