Elegant vs Casual: how did James Bond image change during years?

Making a comparison of all actors, who have played James Bond in 007 franchise´s movies, their style, costumes, manner of speaking, it is easy to notice that an image of most popular secret agent has changed significantly. The review of political and economical changes helps to explain a transformation of charming secret agent \ superhero into a realistic,  cold and down-to-earth soldier.

Historic events, like, Cold war, social protests, Middle East war conflicts and etc., had provoked changes in people´s behavior, and consequently, influenced on their desires and perception of reality. As the result, James Bond character’s construction had to be reinvented in order to reach expectations of its target audience, implementing more adequate costumes to induce consumer desires.

James Bond XX-XXI

Sean Connery’s James Bond saved the world drinking, smoking and having fun with beautiful ladies. He created a desirable image of 30 – 40 years old men in 1960, doing his job with brutality, charm and a lot of self-confidence.

Meanwhile Roger Moore, who had joined the franchise during hippies’ protests and shocking consequences of Vietnam War, made his James Bond softer, wearing trendy colorful outfits and saving the world with sense of humor. He built an image of a fine 1970s men.

Pierce Brosnan represented his version of secret agent as a technology fan of 1990s, using crazy gadgets in any possible way.  He demonstrated a resistance in accepting women as his boss and equal partners, what was a common feeling for men at that time.

Analyzing political and economical events in the begging os XXI century, it became clear that super agent with a “bomb-pen” wouldn’t be accepted any more by the target audience. At that time people started to become bored with primitive cinema language, desiring something newer, deeper and closer to their reality.

Actor Daniel Craig showed to a public a new Bond – solder – spy. In the new world’s order with an invisible threats and undefined battle field, the division between good and bad, a hero and a villain, has become more vague and personal. Daniel Craig managed to introduce a new James Bond, gray character, neither good, nor bad, allowing a viewer to decide and make his\ her own conclusion. He doesn’t use absurd gadgets any more. He runs, sweats and bleeds more then any previous 007 agents. His costumes became more realistic, decreasing the number of fancy suits and adding more proper outfits for activities common for any secret agent during a mission.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 7.39.05 PMIt’s not difficult to notice how has changed the proportion between social and casual wear during nearly 40 years os the franchise, comparing James Bond’s costume design in Goldfinger (1964) and Cassino Royale (2006).


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