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  • Seven Fold Tie’s Anatomy

    1 – An authentic seven fold is folded seven times onto itself from tip to tip.

    2 – 150 cm length, what makes it possible to wear for  people of all sizes and body types.

    3 – 45 degrees bias cut, responsible for how a tie hangs and its resistance to knead.

    4 – V-shaped bar tack, which holds two overlapping sides of a tie together.

    5 – Two sides of a larger tip are closed with a button, whih turns the use os a tie more comfortable, making it possible to iron its tips if necessary.

    6  – Svetlana Morbini’s  ties are untipped, handrolled, what makes a tie lighter and more comfortable.

    7 – Each tie is slip stiched with dubble high resistance line.

  • What is costume design

    Costume design is one of the most important parts in character creation process. It helps to communicate with a viewer through symbols, textures and color palettes. Person, responsible for costumes, is a costume designer. He\ she creates looks of all characters in a movie, theater play, documentary and etc. Depending on historical period and complexity of the project, costumes can ne bought, redesigned or created from zero.

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  • Elegant vs Casual: how did James Bond image change during years?

    Making a comparison of all actors, who have played James Bond in 007 franchise´s movies, their style, costumes, manner of speaking, it is easy to notice that an image of most popular secret agent has changed significantly. The review of political and economical changes helps to explain a transformation of charming secret agent \ superhero into a realistic,  cold and down-to-earth soldier.

    Historic events, like, Cold war, social protests, Middle East war conflicts and etc., had provoked changes in people´s behavior, and consequently, influenced on their desires and perception of reality. As the result, James Bond character’s construction had to be reinvented in order to reach expectations of its target audience, implementing more adequate costumes to induce consumer desires.

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  • Movies with amazing color palettes

    Color palette is an important part of a movie making process. Without a doubt, there are many non verbal elements that help a viewer to feel the mood of a movie, like costumes, scenery, soundtracks and others. For example, rainy weather enhances character’s sad mood, meanwhile, spring usually symbolizes a fresh start.

    Color palettes, specially created for sets and costume designs, help to emphasize character’s personality, whether he\she is romantic, depressive, nostalgic, positive e etc. Harmony or contrast between costumes and scenery helps to pass on the idea of how character feels.

    As an example, I’ve prepared a list with some beautiful movies, which prove am importance of color palette.

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  • Men style evolution 1950 – 1990

    XX century made a huge impact on a fashion history due to its fast changes in all areas of life, economy, art, politics and etc. For the first time fashion trends started to change each decade and not 50 – 100 years as it was before. The infographic demonstrates in a brief visual way main characteristics of men style evolution during second half of XX century, showing a transition from a brutal post-war men to a modern businessmen.

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  • What is a seven fold tie

    A seven fold tie, since its creation, has been considered a symbol of luxury lifestyle. Unlike a common three fold tie, it encompasses one meter of fabric, which is asymmetrically folded seven time onto itself, making use of interlining unnecessary.

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